Our Commitment to Safety

At Canaport LNG, we are committed to ensuring the health & safety of our employees, workers, local community and our environment.

For this reason, we have adopted and adhere to high standards for health, safety and environmental protection. We methodically apply these standards to our day-to-day operations, and we work closely with local government, community leaders and our stakeholders to raise their awareness and enlist their support.

The Canaport LNG Terminal is equipped with numerous safety systems including gas and fire detection and suppression systems, spill containment systems, emergency shutdown systems, pressure release systems and advanced control and communications systems.


Safety is integrated into every aspect of our business.

How do we ensure the safety of our employees, workers and local community? Through a team that is dedicated to developing, implementing and improving our comprehensive health and safety management system.

We recognize that training is a cornerstone of a successful health and safety management program, therefore, every employee receives in-depth training on health & safety, because we believe that what makes Canaport LNG safe is not the equipment we use, but, rather, the people who use it and the processes we implement to ensure adherence to our safety standards. To complete our training regime, employees are rigorously tested before they are allowed to work.

Our experienced personnel are well trained and regularly tested in drills and simulated emergencies to ensure the highest level of readiness to prevent and minimize potential consequences of equipment or process upset.

As technologies change, we will consistently test and compare our current systems with new technologies and methods and we will strive to adopt those systems and technologies if they will make Canaport LNG a safer and more secure facility.



We maintain a highly trained security force at the Terminal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally we use advanced technologies to maintain the safety and security of employees and our neighbours. We have put in place a state-of-the-art security system using the latest technology. Our systems are consistently updated to ensure that the best security and monitoring capabilities are always at work to protect our facility and its workers, as well as our community.

The terminal is operated under the approval of Transport Canada in compliance with the Marine Transportation Security Act and Regulations. This act and regulations required the development of a Marine Facility Security Plan and approval of the plan by Transport Canada, with regular review and approval.