Canaport LNGThe news feed for Canaport LNG. LNG Agrees to Settlement in 2013 Bird Incident<p>Canaport&trade; LNG has reached a settlement with the Crown for an incident that occurred on Sept. 13-14, 2013, in which approximately 7,500 migratory birds died as a result of direct or indirect contact with burning natural gas from Canaport LNG&rsquo;s flare stack.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lng-agrees-to-settlement-in-2013-bird-incidentSea Dogs and partners launch the "Canaport LNG Hat Trick For Reading" program<p>Program encourages students in grades K-3 to read for a chance to win Sea Dogs tickets.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comsea-dogs-and-partners-launch-the-canaport-lng-hat-trick-for-reading-programMEDIA ADVISORY: Notice to Public of Emergency Response Exercise<p>Canaport LNG will be conducting an emergency response exercise on Wednesday, October 24th between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.</p>http://www.canaportlng.commedia-advisory-notice-to-public-of-emergency-response-exerciseEmergency Response Excercise<p>Notice to Public of Emergency Response Exercise</p><p><br>Canaport LNG will be conducting an emergency response exercise on Wednesday, October 24th between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.</p><p>Emergency vehicles and personnel will be visible at Canaport LNG and on the Red Head Road in the vicinity of the Terminal throughout the day.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comemergency-response-excerciseCanaport LNG donates $65,000 to Saint John's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit<p>Saint John, New Brunswick &ndash; Canaport LNG announced today the donation of $65,000 for the Saint John Regional Hospital&rsquo;s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This donation will serve some of the hospital&rsquo;s most vulnerable patients by providing new state-of-the-art equipment for the unit.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lng-donates-65000-to-saint-johns-neonatal-intensive-care-unitCanaport LNG's upgrade project investing $3 million into the Saint John economy<p>Saint John, New Brunswick &ndash; Canaport LNG&rsquo;s $43 million upgrade project has spent over $3 million to the benefit of local Saint John businesses since the beginning of construction in April, 2012.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lngs-upgrade-project-investing-3-million-into-the-saint-john-economyCanaport LNG starts BOG project work<p>Saint John, New Brunswick &ndash; During the month of May, Canaport LNG will begin work related to the upgrade of the BOG compression system project announced earlier this year. This work will take place during a temporary suspension of Terminal operations.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lng-starts-bog-project-workCanaport LNG and the Saint John Sea Dogs Celebrate 6th Anniversary of ‘GET FANatical About Math’ Program<p>Saint John, New Brunswick &ndash; Today at the Saint John Boys &amp; Girls Club&rsquo;s brand new learning centre, Canaport LNG and the Saint John Sea Dogs launched the sixth season of their joint educational initiative, the &lsquo;Get FANatical About Math&rsquo; Program.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lng-and-the-saint-john-sea-dogs-celebrate-6th-anniversary-of-get-fanatical-about-math-programCanaport LNG announces $43 million project<p>Saint John, New Brunswick &ndash; Canaport LNG announced plans today to upgrade the Terminal to become more efficient and reduce its environmental footprint.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lng-announces-43-million-projectCanaport LNG connecting kids with nature<p>Saint John, New Brunswick &ndash; Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is pleased to announce that Canaport LNG has made an $11,000 donation toward its youth education program, Project Webfoot, in Saint John.</p>http://www.canaportlng.comcanaport-lng-connecting-kids-with-nature